Funk music is really a musical style which originated from America within the mid to late 1960’s. This musical genre blends together Rhythm and Blues, jazz and soul music right into a trendy and danceable style.

Funk focuses on a powerful rhythmic groove in the rhythm section tune and harmony are de-emphasised. Back line instruments for example guitar, electric bass, Hammond organ and drums are utilized to play interlocking grooves. Most funk songs, unlike other musical styles for example soul and R and B, include very couple of guitar chords sometimes less than a vamp on a single chord. A horn section (saxophones, trumpets and often trombones) is frequently utilized in funk bands to supply stabs and punches to intensify rhythms and grooves.

Performers within this genre include James Brown with songs for example ‘I feel good’, Earth, Wind and fire, Kool and also the Gang who’d a success single with ‘Celebration’, and Tower of Power. Funk has already established a sizable affect on newer types of music for example disco and rap.


Nothing sparks a celebration much better than a little bit of disco music, the genre which blended together two favourite music genres, soul and funk. Disco music grew to become famous the 1970’s and required within the mainstream pop music charts. This music form depends on a really steady four towards the floor bass drum beat, a quaver or semi quaver hi-hat pattern utilizing an open hi-hat around the off beat, along with a solid, frequently syncopated electric bass line. The vocals are high-impact and employ a lot of reverb. Electric instruments including guitars, pianos, string sounds, frequently performed on synthasisers, participate in the background are less important compared to high-impact drums and vocals. Popular artists within this genre include ‘The Jackson Five’, ‘The Bee Gees’ and ‘Donna Summer’, music by these artists is likely to have any aged person tapping or too their ft! Disco music helped the development of techno and house within the 1990’s.